I have had back problems since 1979. I have farmed, worked construction and hard labor as well as office jobs setting at a desk. Over the years I have degenerated with a bulging disc into phase III spinal degeneration along with other spine problems. Last year I became nearly crippled with major hip problems and finally opted for a total hip replacement, which was a huge success. However, my spinal problems continued to the point where I was walking hunched over with a cane. In addition to this was radiating sciatic nerve pain as well shooting down both legs. I was dead-set on getting a laser spine surgery when I decided to give Good News Chiropractic a try. Over the past 40 years I have been to about a dozen chiropractors and they have all helped relieve pain but Dr. Bradley has a different technique which has changed my life. I can now walk upright again. I can mow the lawn for hours on end. I can walk and hike again. I am sleeping much better with little or no pain and I have less continuing pain in my lower back, most days no pain at all. My sciatic nerve has improved tremendously and I can now turn my head left to right to check traffic from my car again. And that is only the beginning of my improvements...... It is phenomenal. Although my injuries will always be with me and I need to re-learn how to do some things, I got my life back. I say, "I GOT MY LIFE BACK!"

Mark Hillen

I have various issues, one being post herpetic neuralgia on my head from shingles. When I started with Dr. Bradley last year I had been taking 3 gabapentin a day to keep from having "fire fits" (like seizures). I am now down to only taking 1 or 2 gabapentin a week, and probably don't even need those anymore. My eye on the side of the head that had the shingles had been irritated and itchy all the time. Now I rarely feel it!

Alissa Crandall

When I first came to see Dr Bradley, I could hardly walk and couldn't bend over at all. Now a year later I am back to 100 percent and back to working two jobs, both physically intensive.

Allen Miller

3 years ago I was in a rear end accident that caused whip lash and I have had neck and head pain ever since. I was told about Dr Bradley by a friend and decided it would be worth it to see him. I appreciated the fact that he had me get X-rays so he knew exactly what he was dealing with. We sat down and discussed my issues and then we both agreed on a treatment plan. I started out going 3 days a week because my issue was so bad. I am now down to 1 day a week and have improved by 50%! I'm no longer complaining Daily about being in pain and I am able to do all the physical activities that I love to do. I love that dr Bradley's adjustments are gentle but effective and I leave his office feeling like a million bucks! I would definitely recommend him to any person I know that would need his specialty! What a blessing he has been in my life!

Kristyn T

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