Back Pain Treatments

Suffering from chronic or acute back pain?  Dr. Jack Bradley and the team at Good News Chiropractic of Montrose, CO, offer comprehensive health care for your spinal and intervertebral discs.

A Guide to Dr. Bradley’s Chiropractic Back Pain Treatments

Back pain is an issue that can affect anyone and is caused by a wide range of injuries and habits.  Every individual experiencing back pain has different factors that have led to and are continually contributing to that pain.  Therefore, each patient’s care plan has to be customized to the individual.  Below, Dr. Bradley and the team at Good News Chiropractic of Montrose, CO, share some of the most effective chiropractic back pain treatments used, depending on the patient’s needs.

Spinal Adjustments
Ideally, the spinal bones and joints normally stack neatly, but sometimes the bones become misaligned. When this occurs, it puts unnecessary pressure on the other spinal components and can lead to issues such as herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, joint dysfunction, muscle tension, and more.  Regaining alignment through methods such as the Activator technique can help restore proper function and movement where spinal damage has occurred, thereby relieving this pressure and naturally providing healing and health to both nerves and spine.

Specific Spinal Decompression
Misalignments, accidents, degenerative disc disease, and other types of spinal trauma can lead to herniated discs.  Unfortunately, herniated discs can lead to nerve compression and a multitude of various undesirable symptoms.  Cox Spinal decompression adjusting is a method used by certified spinal decompression specialists to gently open up the damaged disc space, relieving pressure on the discs, and pulling the nucleus back into its proper place within the anular fibers of the disc. 

Alpha Stim Microcurrent Therapy
Many cases of back pain are due to irritated nerves going from the spine to soft tissues, which can lead to muscle spasms, inflammation, and chronic pain.  Alpha Stim microcurrent therapy involves sending very small electrical currents into the target area to improve cellular communication in order to stimulate healing repair and relieve pain.

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST)
BEST is a neuromuscular technique sometimes used for balancing out neurological dysfunction.  Therapeutic massage, in the form of Shiatsu, is sometimes utilized; it can be highly effective for relieving tension, improving blood circulation and more.

Custom Foot Orthotics
Foot pain can come from issues arising from spinal nerves in your back in addition to biomechanical dysfunction of the hip, knees and, yes, your feet.  With 56 bones in each foot and ankle, your feet could be “killing you”; or, your feet may not be anywhere on your mind when your back hurts, but quite often we find that they should be.  Misaligned bones in your feet can be extremely painful.  Everything from structural issues and poor arch support to standing on your feet for long periods can lead to and worsen back and foot pain.  Custom foot orthotics are beneficial in such cases as they are designed specifically for the needs of your feet, providing the proper cushion and support.

Therapeutic Exercise
Most treatment plans include a combination of stretching and strengthening movements that further enhance relief.  The exact exercises change, depending on the patient’s needs.

Come experience the benefits of personalized comprehensive spinal and extremity care by Dr. Bradley at Good News Chiropractic of Montrose.  Patients Choose to travel from Grand Junction, the western slope and surrounding town such as: Delta, Hotchkiss, Cedaredge, Nucla and Ridgeway to get the care they need.

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