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    "The Healing Touch" Before I can give you my story, I must give you some history on myself. It basically all began in April 1995, when I was in a car accident. A young teenage driver darted vertically across in front of me. I was going 35 M.P.H. and just came through a green light. There was another vehicle in the lane beside me. I had no choice or time to do anything, but hit the vehicle. I had my seatbelt on, praise the lord! I didn't feel any pain at the time of the accident, except my knees were hurting from hitting the base of the dashboard. Gradually, a couple weeks went by, and I felt tingling and numbness in my arms bilaterally. I went into a walk-in clinic, because the pain was getting worse daily. They recommended a doctor, which was a neurologist. No injury was to be found at that time. But yet, I was still in all this pain. 
    The pain was getting worse as time went by, and even started to work its' way down my spine. The x-rays and test were coming back negative on injuries. I was getting very discouraged. I kept saying to myself that I know there is something wrong with me, or why would I be in all this pain. After a year went by I changed doctors to see if someone else could find anything. The pain started to radiate down my spine into the lumbar area, and numbness and tingling radiated bilaterally into my legs. My hamstrings were becoming extremely tight, migraine headaches, loosing sleep, emotion distress, and even depression developed. I went to another doctor, and then even another. Three and 1/2 years later and four neurologists later, I had a MRI done September 18,1998, which revealed a bulging disk and a pinched nerve (L-5, S-I). I went through Physical therapy, chiropractic care, and was given different types of medications, which never helped. 
    The next neurologists I saw said that I possibly have Fibromyalgia, but was unable to continue care with him because of emotional problems, and then I moved here to Texas with my parents. I met Dr. Bradley at Good News Chiropractic, through a coworker, which works with my father. After 6 years and $50,000, I had never felt relief of my pain, until yesterday. Yesterday, I had my first treatment with Dr. Bradley, and it was truly amazing!!! Before I had arrived here my back was killing me as usual, and my shoulders were hurting with burning sensations. After he did the treatment, I was in nQ pain Halleluiah, and praise be to God, I didn't have any back nor shoulder pain what so ever. It likes a taste of heaven to me, as I have been in pain for 6 years. All I could say "It's amazing! Praise God" last night. Dr. Bradley's just uses a finger touch through his techniques. The "healing touch" is what I call it. 

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    When I first saw Dr. Bradley I suffered with headaches, and extreme lower back ad hip pain. I have had this problem as long as I can remember. I have tried other chiropractors which used the typical back popping methods. After seeing Dr. Bradley I no longer suffer from headaches, I can sleep all night, and my energy has doubled. I would and do recommend Dr. Bradley to everyone who suffers with any kind of physical pain.

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    HIP - Out of Alignment Background: After falling and breaking my right hip in Dec 2004, then a total hip replacement in Jan 2006, I've enjoyed mutt freedom of movement. The hip was replaced at the University of Colorado Hospital in Denver by the head of Orthopedics and his team. They used the latest in technology a ceramic cup with a titanium ball and spike that goes into the bone. Symptoms: In about March 2012, I started having problems. First it hurt to lay on right side with a shooting pain down that leg. Then it hurt to lay on the left side, then on the stomach, then finally on the back unless propped up with several pillows. It hurt to sit, especially on hard chairs, even with a cushion as well as in the car for any length of time. After sitting, it hurt to walk for the first few steps. I was stiff and sore for a few months. It felt like the rubber band that held my hip together was stretched out. I complained to my husband and mentioned it to my chiropractor, Dr. Bradley in Montrose, CO. I even mentioned that I thought I'd better go and see the orthopedic doctor. But... Treatment: First the chiropractor adjusted the hip and lower back about once every two weeks. Then in July we got a little more aggressive. I started wearing a ..chiropractic belt" daily and even nightly. I had trouble at nights when it would slip off and get up around my waist in my sleep. When I'd wake up in the middle of the night, I'd readjust the belt. After about a month I quit wearing the belt at night. Also in July we stepped up the chiropractic adjustments to once or even twice weekly. It also happened that during this time I was rehearsing for a play with choreography that included hip rocking, grapevine, spins and kicks, Polka and Waltz. I wore that belt then, both during the rehearsals which were three times per week, then during the performances which were two or three times a week. I kept that belt on daily for the entire run, so after about three months with the belt I weaned myself off of it. I also did Water Aerobics once or twice weekly and did strengthening exercises with a green stretchy band. Results: According to Dr. Bradley, that stretched out rubber band was the tendons and ligaments. Wearing the belt and frequent adjustments gave those things time to shrink. Now I'm off the belt and back to adjustments once every two or three weeks with the chiropractor. NO more Pain in any position when sleeping or sitting. I can walk after sitting and even bound out of bed like I used to. Car rides don't bother me and I'm feeling great. I'm off to Water Aerobia now, so will stop writing.

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    Good morning — My name is Beverly W and this is my story. On a Monday morning, my daughter drove me 100 miles to see Dr. Bradley of Good News Chiropractic. My lower back pain was so severe I could not get dressed — pajamas, robe and slippers was my attire. I was hurting! From that first treatment, my back pain was lessened. After the treatment, I was able to dress myself and return home feeling much better. On my 3. treatment, Dr. Bradley asked about my left arm. To humor him, I told him my story. I was born in 1930 — 11 ih of 12 children in our family. With my left arm twisted at birth, the doctor told my parents I would not have any use of my left arm — not the kind of news a parent wants to hear. With very limited use of my left arm, I have adjusted to it as it was. Until now, no one has ever indicated there could be a change. Dr. Bradley did some adjusting and WOW! I could raise my arm over my head.. .all with no pain! Meanwhile, I'm thinking, how about the back pain, Doctor! He is taking care of this, too. The back treatments are coming along and I'm seeing good progress with less pain — all this without the necessity of any pain killers or required surgery. The name of the clinic in Montrose is Good News Chiropractic. For me, the name is so appropriate. Thank you, Dr. Bradley — the relief from back pain is one thing, but the arm freedom is so much more — 78 years of being locked up, and now my arm freedom is so great! Thank you.

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    I have had intermittent back pain for as long as I can remember, beginning when I was five years old until the present. However, I ignored it for many years. About seven years ago I began to experience severe back pain after lifting fairly heavy objects, but the pain would go away after 4 or 5 days. I also began to notice lower back aches after doing yard work, housework, or after a busy, stressful day. Added onto that, I began to feel leg pain at night, down my outer thigh, my knee which was also very stiff, my calf muscles on the right side were not only sore, there was numbness, and I also had ankle pain. I was able to endure this pain until I lifted several 75 pound bales of hay, and a few days late I attempted to lift a wine barrel filled with potting soil and plants. I felt a strange sensation in my back, and knew I shouldn't make another attempt to lift it. The following morning the real pain began. For two weeks I was in constant severe pain, not wanting to go to the doctor and get prescription muscles relaxers or pain killers. It wasn't until Bonnie, a friend of mine, asked if I'd seen a Chiropractor. My response was, "What ever for," She explained what 'wonders' her Chiropractor had done for her back, and stressed that it was painless treatment. She highly recommended Dr. Bradley. My first appointment with Dr. Bradley was on May 22, 2009, after which I immediately noticed a decrease in back pain. Dr. Bradley explained to me what was happening to the vertebrae in my lower back, showed me with pictures, videos and sample x-rays. He recommended natural relaxants for the pain and stiffness, as well as vitamins for the promotion of cartilage & joint repair and regeneration. He eventually gave me back strengthening exercises to do on a daily basis. He strongly advised me not to lift beyond 10 pounds during the healing process. I followed all of his advice to the letter, and at my visit today, which was my 12th treatment, I was happy to report that I was 100% pain free. Not only pain free, but my back feels great - for the first time in my life!! My experience with Good News Chiropractic, Dr. Bradley, and his staff has been very positive and very educational. I praise God, I thank Bonnie, and I thank Dr. Bradley for helping to bring back the quality of life I thought was over.

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    When I first saw Dr. Jack Bradley the back of my head was hurting from hitting the headrest when rear ended. Also, turning my head from right to left was limited. I had lower back pain, severe headaches for over 25 years and fibromyalgia for 10 years. Before seeing Dr. Bradley I had received osteopathic treatments, medication for pain ad physical therapy. Since seeing Dr. Bradley I have had less headaches and they are also less severe. I am not taking pain medication very much and I have more mobility in my neck. The staff treated me very well, every one is kind, caring and professional. Everyone honestly cares about you and how you are doing. 

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this care to anyone. There is hope in chiropractic care, no need to be hurting all of the time. 

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    Before seeing Dr. Jack Bradley I had vertigo for 2 1/2 years. For 5 years I had a stiff neck and pain down my spine from my neck as well as my hips aching at night and I could not lie flat on my back without getting dizzy. I had lower back pain and stiffness if I sat too long or stood stationary too long. I only took aspirin for the pain. Since seeing Dr. Bradley the mobility in my neck has improved. I can lie flat on my back and can sleep painless on my sides. The vertigo is gone and I can stand and sit for longer times than before. I also have more strength overall in my hands, arms and legs. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bradley. He is a very caring Doctor who is concerned with your health. 

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    When I first came to Dr. Bradley 6 months ago, I had difficulty getting up out of bed and walking in the morning, or standing up from a chair to walk. I had sciatic and radiating pain down both legs which also gave me trouble at work. I was surprised at how quickly I experienced great improvement. I did not expect such a positive effect so soon! The thing I liked most about my care was that it was professional, and yet a relaxed atmosphere. The staff treated me wonderfully! Very caring and respectful. I can't think of a thing I didn't like at Good News!

    Show More - Sue R. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    I first met Dr. Bradley on September 8.2014. I was having neck pain, shoulder pain in both the right and left shoulders, pain in my right arm that radiated down to my wrist, hand, and fingers.  I was unable to hold the steering wheel for very long while driving before my fingers became numb and tingling. !could not hold a crochet hook or knitting needles for very long before my fingers were tingling with a sensation of pins and needles ( IN my fingers). Trying to sleep was an excruciating experience. I could not lie on my back longer than one half hour before my fingers, hand, and wrist began to hurt and throb. There were no relieving positions except to stand up, walk back and forth and shake my arm back and forth. Eventually the pain would let up a little and I would get back in bed only to have the pain start all over again. 

    This had gone on for many months before I found Dr. Bradley on the internet and made an appointment. 

    With Dr. Bradley's soft touch chiropractic manipulation I have finally been able to drive without my fingers going to sleep. I can crochet and knit for long periods of time. And especially, I have been able to get a good night's sleep EVERY NIGHT and do not wake up with the torturous pain in my fingers hand and wrist. 

    Dr. Bradley puts a lot of time, effort and care into helping his patients get better.

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    I had migraines for over 9 month, lower back pain for 6 years (longer than I should have), constant pain in my neck, and numbness in my arms, wrist and fingers. I saw doctors and had x-rays and MRIs done, they just gave me Vicodin, tylenol and ibuprofen. I received massages every month. Since seeing Dr. Jack Bradley at Good News Chiropractic I have had an amazing recovery from my injuries. I have suffered too long and I no longer do. I never thought I'd see the day that I would not rely on

    Show More - Amy L.L. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    SUCCESS!! When I first came to see br. Bradley be I had sharp pain in the lower back for 3 years with cramping and knee pain. I had to stop wrestling due to the pain. The staff treated me super nice. I like most the great results. How I did not hurt from getting my back cracked. He is not that kind of doctor. I have less knee and back pain and I have been treated with respect, care and whatever it took to help me.

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Chiropractic Care Created Precisely For You

We receive no greater thrill than to provide chiropractic and nutritional care precisely created to provide natural relief and corrective care for those who have lost hope for a pain free productive life.

Injuries, chronic pain, and musculoskeletal issues can stop you in your tracks, preventing you from managing your regular tasks. And when you’re dealing with such an intrusion in your life, having a doctor on your side who can relate is invaluable.

Though Dr. Jack Bradley began his career in another field, injuries and related symptoms prevented him from continuing on the same path. They did, however, give him first-hand knowledge of the power of chiropractic care – something he wanted to bring to others who were suffering. And from that dream came Good News Chiropractic in Montrose, CO.

Since opening the doors, Dr. Bradley has been dedicated to providing every patient with a personalized, holistic, and effective approach to health and healing. To do so, he has consistently worked to stay up to date on chiropractic methods, earning nearly 40 degrees, diplomas, and certifications. He has also been practicing nutritional therapy for more than 20 years, helping the patients of Good News Chiropractic in Montrose, CO achieve optimal health from the inside out.

Chiropractic Specialties:
- Spine specialist
- Disc specialist
- Extremity specialist

Thanks to his studies, Dr. Bradley is able to provide a variety of treatment techniques, including but not limited to spinal adjustments, extremity adjustments, spinal decompression, standard process nutrition and nutritional counseling, applied kinesiology, B.E.S.T. soft tissue therapy, therapeutic exercise, shiatsu massage, custom foot orthotics, and more. These techniques are incredibly effective in treating sports injuriesauto injuries, personal injuries, neck pain, back pain, scoliosis, sciatica, disc issues, shoulder injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and more.

Pain and suffering may be common in life, but they’re certainly not normal. They are the body’s way of telling you when something’s wrong. Dr. Bradley and the team at Good News Chiropractic in Montrose, CO are committed to determining the cause and customizing a plan to address it. Whether you’re currently suffering, want to prevent injuries, or simply want to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness, Dr. Bradley is the partner you want on your side.

Degenerative Disk Disease example

Dr. Bradley specializes in disc work like bulging and herniated discs that only two other Doctors in the State of Colorado are certified in and Dr. Bradley is the only Doctor certified on the Western Slope. Dr. Bradley is very excited to be part of this wonderful work as it helps to keep people off drugs and out of surgery. This specialized disc work has given so many of his patients back the life they want and deserve.

The Cox Technique addresses:

  • degenerated disc disease
  • bulging discs
  • herniated discs
  • stenosis
  • sciatica

This technique is used at some of the most highly reputable hospitals in the nation. They use this method of care because the research shows it is the best disc work available without drugs or surgery. There is an 85% plus success rate overall with this method. Certified Doctors are required to have continuing education courses to keep their certification which Dr. Bradley has completed for the last 20 years. For more information visit named after Dr. Cox.

There are five parts to the work that Dr. Bradley does in his office for his patients.

  1. Works on the structure of the body, being not only the spine, but the extremities, i.e., shoulder, elbow, wrist, hands, hip, knees, ankles and feet. They are all important parts of your bio-mechanical structure. We use the Activator technique to address the above. Dr. Bradley is the only certified activator Doctor in the area. Recertification is required annually to stay certified which Dr. Bradley has done for over 20 years.
  2. Addresses the health of the discs that are the cushions between the bones of the spine. The CoxTechnic addresses the disc problems. For more information, please click here.
  3. Addresses the nervous system as it runs everything in the body according to the medical bible “Grey’s Anatomy.” It’s important to relieve your pain due to pressure on the nerves, but we must not overlook what other function your nervous system provides. Dr. Bradley uses the BEST technique to balance out the nervous system.
  4. We must address the strength and balance of how your muscles work holding the rest of your skeletal structure together which in turn affects the nervous system. That is right, your nerves run the muscles and can cause weakness, atrophy, balance problems, and dysfunction. To help address any weaknesses or imbalances in the muscles, Dr. Bradley, with some difficult cases, uses Applied Kinesiology.
  5. They say “You are what you eat.” However, some say “You are what you digest and assimilate.” Dr. Bradley has done extensive nutritional studies and he works with a nutrition company by the name of Standard Process. Standard Process has been helping patients and Doctors longer than any other nutritional company in America. There is a wealth of knowledge with this company as Standard Process has worked with Doctors for over 90 years to help patients. It is important to get specific nutritional supplementation that is whole food, organic nutrition prescribed by a qualified doctor.

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